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The Old Man and the Sea

bigImage In an explosion of stunning imagery, Academy Award® winning animator Aleksandr Petrov hand-painted 29000 images on sheets of glass to tell the tale of a fisherman's extraordinary duel in this telling of Ernest Hemingway's classic story. Because of the influence of Hemingway's life on his writing, Petrov's larger-than-life re-creation of the author's award-winning story is precluded by a compelling 17-minute live-action prologue, entitled HEMINGWAY: A PORTRAIT. By understanding Hemingway's life, audiences can better appreciate the themes of his work.

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Old Man and the Sea: Petrov [Real 300 K]

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Joint Production of Productions Pascal Blais, Panorama Film Studio of Yaroslav, Imagica Corporation, Dentsu Tec, and NHK Enterprises 21. Producers: Bernard Lajoje and Tatsuo Shimamura. Director: Aleksandr Petrov. Distributed by Ogden Entertainment and Pascal Blais Distribution, Inc. Executive Producers: Jean-Yves Martel, Shizuo Ohashi. Associate Producers: Koichi Hirao, Yoshitaka Tsutsui. Creative Producers: Pascal Blais, Bernard Lajoie. Animation: Aleksandr Petrov, Dimitri Petrov. Director of Photography and Motion Control Camera Operator: Serguei Rechetnikoff. Editor: Denis Papillon. With the voices of "Old Man": Gordon Pinsent, "Boy": Kevin Delaye. Original Music by: Normand Roger. Based on the novel, The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway.


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Rating: Excellent
Posted by: rburnlow
Amazing . . . I cannot fathom how this one is not playing in more theaters (with all the subpar imax films that ARE.). It really deserved the OSCAR it received. ... Read More >>

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